Ateneo 2017 Capitoli:

International programmes at the University of Milan 2017/2018


L'Ateneo presenta la sua offerta formativa 2017/2018 in lingua inglese, attraverso video che illustrano i master e i corsi di laurea.

F 1 1. LL.M. Master Course in Sustainable Development

The LL.M. in Sustainable Development at the University of Milan is the first European Graduate Program, taught entirely in English, aiming at improving the legal skills necessary to better grasp the three interconnected dimensions (economic, social and environmental) of Sustainable Development.

F 2 2. MEF. Economics and Finance Master's Degree

Finance and Economics (formerly Economics and Finance) is an exclusive master programme aimed at providing an excellent academic background and a practical sense of today's financial markets and international economy.

F 3 3. EPS. Economics and Political Science Master's Degree

EPS is an international course entirely taught in English with a highly qualified interdisciplinary learning track, integrating advanced analytical tools in Economics, Political sciences and Quantitative methods.

F 4 4. MBB. Molecular Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Master's Degree

MBB provides students with a strong problem-solving approach and up-to-date knowledge.

F 5 5. BMC. Molecular Biology of the Cell Master's Degree

MBC trains biologists in the field of advanced bio-molecular research.

F 6 6. SAAXBI. Safety Assessment of Xenobiotics and Biotechnological Products Master's Degree

SAAXBI provides students with specific knowledge necessary both to initiate research on new methodologies and to achieve excellent professional competence.

F 7 7. MBMM. Master Degree Course in Medical Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine

MBMM is designed to equip graduates with an advanced capacity to develop scientific methodologies, and the competencies required to coordinate national and international-level study and research projects in compliance with ethical and bioethical considerations.

F 8 8. EFE. Master Degree in Environmental and Food Economics

The Environmental and Food Economics Master Degree programme provides advanced expertise in economics and business disciplines, quantitative methods, and specific theoretical and applied knowledge in environmental and resources economics and in the economics and management of the agri-food system.

F 9 9. IC. Master's Degree Course in Industrial Chemistry

The Master’s Degree in Industrial Chemistry aims primarily to provide students with a broad understanding across all aspects of chemistry, industrial chemistry and industrial plant design at advanced level.